High Risk Commercial Liability Insurance Rates

Business owners come to us daily for advice and rate quotes for high risk commercial liability insurance coverage in the following higher risk categories below.

High Risk Commercial Liability Insurance

High Risk Insurance Agency will help you with finding, comparing and purchasing of casualty, liability and other needed insurance coverage for businesses that are typically hardest to insure industries, such as, but not limited too:

•Forestry and Lumbering •Artisan Contractors, such as:◦Carpenters ◦Masons / Bricklayers ◦Roofers ◦Electricians
◦and more classes

•Manufacturers such as: ◦Chemical / Pesticide ◦Playground Equipment ◦Fitness Equipment ◦Outdoor Recreation Equipment
◦Child Safety Seats and Devices ◦Furniture ◦Children’s and Infant Furniture ◦Critical Automotive Parts ◦and more classes

•High-Rise Construction and Maintenance •Hazardous Material Disposal •Architects •Computer IT and Software Design Services
•Mining and Quarries •Real Estate Brokers •Attorneys •Doctors / Surgeons / Nurses •Transportation and Logistics

•Amusement Industry •Inflatables •Drone Liability •Contactors/Building Trades •Events Liability •Equipment Dealers
•Health Clubs •Manufactured Home Dealers •Motorsports •Outdoor Recreation •Restaurants and Bars
•Special Events
• NEMT – Non Emergency Medical Transportation, Public Livery, Taxi and Black Car Services

High Risk Insurance agency offers commercial high risk insurance.

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High Risk Commercial Liability Insurance COVERAGES •General Liability  •Special Events Liability  •Liquor Liability  •Product Liability  •Assault and Battery  •Parades and Fireworks Liability  •Watercraft

Auto physical damage, hired & non-owned, motor truck cargo, terminal operations, excess coverage available.

General liability, snow removal, special events liability, liquor liability, product liability, assault & battery, parades & fireworks liability, watercraft, sexual abuse & molestation, excess coverage available.

Builder’s risk, jewelers block, optional theft coverage, equipment floaters, basic, broad, special form coverages, vacant property, building, land, wind & earthquake, deductible buyback, excess coverage available.