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Get help with High Risk Home Insurance.

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Homeowners liability coverage is important to many pet owners because if the pet bites, scratches, or causes harm to a third party, you need to already have liability insurance protection before it is too late.

Getting High Risk Home Insurance may be your only option if you are having trouble with regular household name brand insurance companies.
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The policy covers direct physical loss to any property described in coverage’s A and B (basically, the dwelling and other covered structures). A “direct loss” is “a loss that results immediately and proximately from an event” (Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th ed.). There must be a causal connection between the peril and the consequences of the loss. For example, assume John Smith’s home is damaged in a fire, which affects the structural integrity of the dwelling. A few months later, a major windstorm hits the house and knocks over a retaining wall, which was slightly weakened by the previous fire. It would be difficult to successfully argue that the fire was the direct or proximate cause of the fallen wall. The intervening agent (windstorm) would probably be considered the direct cause.
The phrase “direct physical loss” replaced the phrase “all-risk” seen in older versions of homeowners forms. This was in response to expansive court interpretations of the term “all-risk.”

General liability, snow removal, special events liability, liquor liability, product liability, assault & battery, parades & fireworks liability, watercraft, sexual abuse & molestation, excess coverage available.

Builder’s risk, jewelers block, optional theft coverage, equipment floaters, basic, broad, special form coverages, vacant property, building, land, wind & earthquake, deductible buyback, excess coverage available.